Lõhkamismasina mitme põhikomponendi kirjeldus


Qingdao Puhua rasketööstuse kontsernLagundada mitu põhikomponentikuulipuhumismasinsinu jaoks:

1. Kuulipuhumismasinja poleerimisplaat

Kuulipuhumismasin is one of the main components of kuulipuhumismasin. The quality and efficiency of shot blasting often depend on which kuulipuhumismasin is used, such as: direct-coupled shot blasting device, belt type shot blasting device, The curved blade kuulipuhumismasin and the quality of the polishing plate are also closely related to the quality and efficiency. Everyone knows that the polishing plate is installed on the kuulipuhumismasin. Samuti peab kogu kuulipuhumisprotsessi lõpuleviimiseks tegema koostööd teiste osadega, nii et poleerimine mängib ka plaati.

2. Aluskuulipuhumismasin

This is the two parts of the equipment collectively called the base, because it needs strong support during operation. The base must be able to fully bear the weight of the shot blasting equipment. If the load is running, it will not only affect the performance, but also have aspects. For hidden dangers, please refer to the actual solutions given by the kuulipuhumismasin manufacturer.

3. Osade poleerimine

The so-called shot blasting friction is to increase the friction between the kuulipuhumismasin and the workpiece, so that the cleaning effect is doubled, which is also an object in the kuulipuhumismasin parts.

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